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Reproduce your business card digitally with SwapApp and make the best possible introduction!

When you give your business card to someone, show them the back and point out that there is also a digital version. Invite them to download it, and tell them that it is a high-tech SMART business card which will never get lost.

Those who receive your SwapApp digital business card will never lose it or forget about it again. They will be able to use it to:
  • Phone you
  • Email you
  • Text you
  • Chat with you
  • Use the Navigator to find your office
  • Visit your website
  • Visit your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Skype profiles
  • Learn more about you if you have described yourself in the "About Me" section
All by simply pressing a button!
If this person already uses SwapApp, you can immediately exchange your respective digital business cards using the "Share" function. Their business card will be automatically saved in your Contacts and yours in theirs.

When someone gives you their business card, on the other hand, just take a photo of it: it will be automatically stored in SwapApp. Enter their data (using the simple, direct interface) and you will find it in your "Contacts".
You too will no longer lose other people’s business cards because they will be saved in your Contacts. And you too, simply by pressing a button, will be able to:
  • Phone them
  • Send them an email
  • Send them a text message
  • Chat with them
  • Set them as a navigation destination
  • Visit their website
  • Visit their Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Skype profile
  • Find out more about a user who has written a description in the "About Me" section

SwapApp’s menus always offer quick and immediate interaction

With "Create BC" you’ll be able to create your digital business card, designing it as you prefer or simply reproducing the paper version of your card. You can design it horizontally or vertically. And you’ll also be able to create other business cards.

Create your corporate business card and make a Template just by clicking! Share it in just minutes with all your employees, whether there are 10, 100 or 1,000 of them. Once they have received the template, your employees – after downloading SwapApp – simply need to enter their name, surname, phone number, role and email address, and their corporate business card will be ready for use.
You can always edit or update your business card as and when you like. This function is limited when your card is based on a Template from your company, in which case you can only edit your name, surname, phone number and email address (by default, only the company can modify the business card template).

Enter notes on a business card stored in your Contacts to remind yourself about a person or a company; the "Search" function can help you find them with ease if you no longer remember the name.

Use your SwapApp business card as your email signature

Send a business card stored in your Contacts to other people (e.g. you can send a customer’s business card to an employee or acquaintance in various ways).

Publish your business card. The «Find Users» function lets other SwapApp users all over the world get to know you.
You will always have your business card to hand – gone are the days of worrying that you will run out of cards or forget to bring any with you!

SwapApp is a free App. If you have specific requirements, take a look at the "Pro Services" promoted in the app: these include the possibility to export all your contacts’ data to Excel, to certify your company’s business cards, or to purchase a fantastic desk/counter display stand for the use of your customers.

From today you can hand out your business card in the knowledge that people won’t lose or forget about it. You will therefore be able to stay in touch with them. And you will also be able to easily store their business cards.

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