Imagine that those who receive your business card
never lose it and that they can contact you however they wish
whenever they need to and can reach you very easily.
And that they are always informed about your offers.

Imagine this and stop imagining because it is now possible.
Your printed business card + digital version.
And your business will take off!

Dear Business owner,

We are a printing company that specializes in printed materials for businesses.We would like to draw your attention to the opportunity to print your business card while also reproducing it in a digital version.

In the digital age, printed business cards remain an essential company practice (and we believe they always will be). However, people who receive them increasingly end up losing them or mixing them up with others and forgetting them.

Companies continue to respect this tradition and print their business cards, but it is a strategic move to also reproduce them in a digital version. WE ARE ABLE TO DO THIS.

We have established a partnership with SwapApp, which we believe is the best app in the sector on both Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (iOS). SwapApp is a highly innovative free app for smartphones that reproduces your business card in a digital version that can create direct,rapid and long-lasting contact between your company and it's customers, as well as potential customers (target).

Everything that a business card
has never done for your business

SwapApp develops digital business cards that perform essential functions that are very useful for your business.

It is the first and only business card that:

and what is more:

YOU CAN NEVER LOSE IT. Thanks to the digital business card, your customers and potential customers can contact you however they wish whenever they need to and can reach you very easily.

Additionally, SwapApp:

(with the option to insert a photo)

Please note: SwapApp reproduces business cards in digital format, both vertically and horizontally.
If you print your paper cards horizontally, you can opt to develop the digital version vertically to make it easier to read.
Illustration of paper business card printed on the back