How to create your best business card ever

You can create your SwapApp Business Card with extreme simplicity and immediacy. You could still be interested in how to create SwapApp Business Cards, image and customized like these:
Easy, in a few minutes, you can also realize your BEST Business Card ever!
Process the custom wallpaper of the Business Card you want to create for SwapApp using Paint or Photoshop. Set the wallpaper as follows: The ideal background measurements you create on Paint or Photoshop are as follows:
Vertical: base 480 pixels - height 820 pixels - spacing 280 pixels to delineate the space in which to insert images (you can also use multiples like 960 x 1640 pixels - interline 560)
Horizontal: 820 pixel base - 440 pixel height - 180 pixel interline
Insert the images at your convenience (if you want, you can also import them from your paper Business Card, scanning it at 200 pixels) in the space you have prepared. Note: to get the best result, we suggest placing your logo in the space provided.
You can add the color you prefer to the background (see example of the horizontal business card):
If you prefer, you can delete the line spacing (see Vertical Business Card)
Transfer the background of the Business Card you created in Paint or Photoshop to your smartphone's Gallery with Bluetooth or another tool!
Open SwapApp now, go to Create BC, and choose your Format. Consider that Formats 8, 9, 11 are ideal for the example of the Vertical Business Card. Formats 5 and 6 are instead ideal for the horizontal business card.
Note: If you followed our suggestion and entered your logo in the background created in Paint or Photoshop, then it will be superfluous to re-enter in the "Company Logo/Photo" as required by the Format, and if necessary also ignore the "Information Company »(you can insert these in« About Me »)
Enter your details and write in «Background Image» from your Smartphone Gallery. You can change the color of the data character to your liking! Save and ...
... all you have to do is start using your BEST Business Card ever!